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If you are in a relationship where you are humiliated and manipulated, then Jurnal Intim is for you. Its purpose is to help you understand why the abuser always chooses you and why you become a victim. You believe that the abuser is your destiny and that you will get lost without him. It is a totally wrong perception, which prevents you from ending the abuse in the relationship and living your life beautifully. You form destiny, through your actions, every day. And in order to have a good luck, as you wish, you have to make decisions that benefit you and make you feel good. If you suffer in an intimate relationship, it means that you are acting against yourself.

Jurnal Intim will help you find answers to the questions that, I know for sure, you ask yourself very often: Why at love answered with hate? Kindness, with aggression? And at honesty, with lie? What you find out will heal you. Because you will finally understand why you have always made decisions that have hurt you and neglected your needs. You will free yourself from your vulnerabilities, which the abuser uses to manipulate and use you: the memory of painful past experiences, negative emotions, prejudices, complexes, fears and distrust. Jurnal Intim will encourage you to discover and develop your good qualities, to learn to love yourself and to believe in your dreams. And I assure you, when that happens, your life will change for the better.

Maria Dimineț, Coach.
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