Do you love someone who ignores you? Then you suffer from this disorder...

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Do you love someone who ignores you? Then you suffer from this disorder...

If you love someone who ignores you, then you are suffering from a personality disorder that makes you emotionally dependent in a relationship. You are emotionally addicted when you can't live without the person you THINK you love. He becomes the meaning of your life, as a result, you act exclusively to please them, neglecting your own interests and needs.

I wrote THINK because, in reality, what you feel is not love. You live in an unhealthy emotional state, which is triggered and fueled by your own misconceptions about yourself: you don't trust yourself, you don't love and underestimate yourself. That's why you cling desperately to the person you THINK you love and serve, literally. Thus, you hope to be appreciated and loved. And you notice that even though you make a lot of sacrifices, you are ignored.

The problem is that emotional addiction hurts. You just ended up not trusting yourself and underestimating yourself because you lacked affection, attention, understanding or care in the environment in which you grew up. Or maybe you have had humiliating experiences that have affected your self-confidence. Ignoring your loved one confirms what you think about yourself - that you are not good or activates painful emotions from the past. As a result, for fear of being ignored, you attach even more emotionally to the one who ignores you.

Being emotionally dependent in a relationship is like committing suicide, little by little, every day. And some end up doing it literally, not out of love, as the mouth of the world is accustomed to say, but because they have lived, repeatedly, the expedient of rejection - in the family, at school, in society.

How do you overcome emotional addiction?

First of all, let's clarify one issue: if you think you're bad, stupid, ugly, failed, etc., it doesn't mean that you are! The first step you need to take is to change your attitude towards yourself: to learn to accept yourself, and to love yourself. People treat you exactly the way you treat yourself. You convey to those around you what you think about yourself. If you do not love yourself, others will not love you either. If you consider yourself mediocre, so will those around you, even if you do good deeds. The truth is that personality attracts and commands respect, but not facts, as you think. The facts are quickly forgotten. You will be loved and respected for what you are, not for what you do. Remember that!

As a result, invests in own personality. Decide what kind of person you want to be - strong, confident, leader, brave, wise, creative, religious, revolutionary, etc., and set out on the path that will help you cultivate these traits. Read, accumulate new information, try new experiences, allow new people to enter your life, travel, cultivate your own relationship with the Divinity, meditate, do sports or anything else that helps you develop your personality. It's true, it's a long way, but it's the only one that helps you persevere for this purpose.

Formulate your dreams and make an effort to achieve them. What do you want very much: a better job, a house with a terrace, your own business, to write books, to paint, to dance, to go around the world? Decide exactly what you want to achieve in life, what would make you feel fulfilled and look for possibilities to achieve what you set out to do. Knock and it will open for you, that's what Jesus said, right? I tested, the door opens when you knock, sooner or later.

You treat emotional addiction when you learn to love and feel good about yourself, when you become the best version of yourself. And there is no other way than to develop personally, to evolve. In this case, you no longer need to prove anything to anyone or beg for affection and respect. You will finally understand that in a love relationship feelings, respect and trust are sincere and mutual. And most importantly, in this union they are free and not slaves.

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